Culture Versus Cult-ture

[This is a poem I wrote]

At Peace with Sin

Thank the dead parrot for not speaking,

the three-legged dog for not complaining,

the mentally challenged child for not wandering

into the highway,

the serial killer for going next door.

Fear of the outside,

that’s all it takes to settle in

under the microscope—

the one that breaks things down,

to tiny parts, the unseen, the unimportant

bugs on the door handle. Sing crazy

and naked and at peace with sin,

walk through crowds of porn-stars

and brain surgeons, birdwatchers

and athletes,

there’s a channel for everyone here.

They’ll keep riding

and cutting, watching and playing,

but they won’t notice the elephant

in the living room;

they simply nod and smile

and parrot-speak

while the news reports

that the horrors of the world

continue happening

to someone else.

(J. A., 2008)


About Jason Allen

Jason is currently living in upstate New York and pursuing a PhD in creative writing at Binghamton University, where he is an editor for Harpur Palate. His work has been published or is forthcoming in: Passages North, Paterson Literary Review, Contemporary American Voices, Cream City Review, The Molotov Cocktail, Oregon Literary Review, Spilt Infinitive, and other venues. He hopes to one day meet Tom Waits and buy him a cup of coffee.
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One Response to Culture Versus Cult-ture

  1. Coleen Long says:

    Beautiful. Sadly, sometimes I do believe it’s the blissfully ignorant who enjoy life the most as it is.

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